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【ニュース】DSO Quad本日より300台限定エンジニアリングサンプル販売開始!2011/01/01 18:23:46

DSO Quad本日より300台限定販売開始!

 → DSO Quad が到着した!

seeed studioより (Pre-order) DSO Quad beta test販売のお知らせ

Feature: (beta)
Pocket size and light weight
Two 36Mhz analog channels and two digital channels
Signal Generator
Auto Measurement
Various Triggering Option
Easy waveform storage
Firmware upgrade
User applications
Open source

Specification (beta)
Analog channel * 2 : [CH_A] [CH_B];
Digital channel * 2 : [CH_C] [CH_D];
Vertical Scale: 20mV-10V/div (x1 probe);
Vertical solution: 8 bit ;
Input coupling: AC/DC ;
Max input voltage: 80Vpp (x1 probe);
Storage: 4K per channel
Software trigger type: edge, pulse, level (to be added)
Hardware trigger type: edge
Trigger source: CH1/CH2/EXT
Test Signal generater: 10Hz to 1Mhz
Storage: internal 2MB USB disk
Auto measure: Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Vavr, Vrms, Freq, Period, Pulse, Duty
Cursor measurement: Level, Voltage
Display mode: CH1, CH2, EXT, CH1+CH2, CH1-CH2, CH1*CH2
Sampling mode: real time
Sampling rate: 1kSa/s - 36MSa/S
Power: Lipo battery
Dimension: 98 * 60 * 14.5
Weight: 80g (without battery)
Accesories within Pack: 2 mueller mcx osilloscope probe, 1 mueller mcx digital probe,
Retail price: 199USD
Beta test price: 159USD

Note to beta testers:
1. This is a pre-order of about 300 pcs pioneering run. Estimated shipping time is early March, but please be ware of possible delay due to Chinese Spring festival.
2. This batch is for beta test, we will carefully exam every unit but hardware design or manufacture defects might exist. Please use with caution and experiment only.
3. Thank you so much for the support, we love to hear your opinions! Feel free to post your hints on http://garden.seeedstudio.com/index.php?title=DSO_Quad

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